I understand how difficult it is to struggle through life. My goal is to help you feel better, in part by helping you understand yourself better. Together we can find new ways to think about the problems you are dealing with. I’ll help you to identify patterns that you might not be aware of, figure out where they came from and how to change them.


You’re a woman whose career is going well – or well enough.  You’ve got work or school pretty much handled but your personal life feels like a different story. You know that what’s happened in the past continues to get in your way. You might have a history of pretty bad things happening to you. Or maybe you grew up in a tough family where you felt terrible or a family where everything looked good from the outside but the reality was a different story.
These past issues manifest in different ways:

You worry you’re making a big deal out of nothing, but you still feel bad.

You find it difficult to trust people.

You feel so worried about being left that you turn yourself inside out trying to please other people.

You have trouble drawing lines between you and someone else.

You say yes when you want to say no.

You have a pattern of picking people to be close to who aren’t good for you.

These are all problems I can help you with. I work particularly well with women who, as adults, realize that “Hey all that stuff I tried to pretend didn’t affect me? Well, it did. And the pretending it didn’t affect me isn’t working so well anymore.”

I work with teenage girls who are struggling with stress, depression and anxiety.

For parents: I understand it’s not easy to bring your child to therapy. You want to get her help and you also want to know what’s going on. I’ll work with your daughter to identify and understand what’s bothering her and develop a plan to deal with it. I’ll also help you make better sense of what’s happening, and together we can figure out how to best support and help her.

For teenagers: It can be scary to come to therapy. Maybe you want to go, or maybe someone else wants you to go to therapy more than you do. Whatever it is, now you have to come and talk to someone you don’t know about your most personal stuff. I get that it’s hard. You might feel embarrassed to open up about what you are really going through, even to friends or family. I won’t judge you. Getting help from an impartial therapist like me can help you talk more freely about what’s bothering you.